Outdoor fireworks

Outdoor fireworks

Bon Jovi is back in the UK this summer. The tour will climax with a massive gig in Hyde Park on the 28th June for which Le Maitre is preparing a spectacular outdoor firework display.

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Thorpe Park’s new action packed stunt show is Spiderman: The Mystery of The Stolen Diamonds. It features breathtaking acrobatics and special effects using Le Maitre pyrotechnics including Stage Gerbs and Concussions.

The show is produced by USE Worldwide in association with the Tussauds Group. USE’s Chairman Kyran Jesson told us that he chose Le Maitre pyro because of their “good value and excellent quality”.

Running from April to September 2003, the show is already proving very popular. If you want to know more about Le Maitre’s involvement with the show you can contact Steve Ramos on 020 8646 2222.


Le Maitre’s Neutron XS Hazers have been installed on the latest ride at Alton Towers.

Alton Towers

Alton Towers

“DUEL – The Haunted House Strikes Back” is an action packed interactive ride where riders shoot at zombies and ghosts with laser guns.

The effect is created using the fine, constant mist of the hazers to make the lasers visible and create a ghostly atmosphere.

Alton Towers’ technical team chose 10 of the Neutron XS Hazers for the ride after their success on the “Tomb Raider” ride which opened at Chessington World of Adventures last year.


Tidy Weekender

Tidy Weekender

The Tidy Weekender 3 was held from the 4th to the 6th April at Pontins in Prestatyn which was turned into a clubbing city for the weekend.

Organisers Music Factory Entertainment Group asked Le Maitre to supply a pyro hit for the introduction of each DJ throughout the 3 day event, and climax the show with the Dragon gas system on the Sunday night.

Le Maitre’s Mark Thomas used a selection of Red Flame Projectors, Theatrical Flashes, 15ft Gerbs, 20ft Stage Mines and Waterfalls to create some spectaular effects.

For further info on the show, you can speak to Mark himself, on 020 8646 2222.


HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast

On March 17th Le Maitre fired the guns of HMS Belfast on the Thames. The firing took place to celebrate 65 years since the ship’s launch.

The Le Maitre crew designed a display using the 4″ Belfast Gunflash designed especially for the ship, and Stadium Concussions. There were 2 firings of the 6 forward guns, followed by the concussions. Witnesses told us that the rumble of the concussions could be heard across London for several seconds after firing!





Red Stage Mine

Red Stage Mine

Jay-Z requested a range of Prostage II pyrotechnic effects for the 3 tour dates at the end of January/beginnning of February.

The tour started in Amsterdam at the Heineken Music Hall on Thursday 30th Jan, moved to Wembley Arena for Friday 31st Jan and then up to Manchester’s Evening News Arena the next day.

The effects on the show included 15 x 15 Stage Gerbs, Waterfalls, Concussions and 24 Red Stage Mines. The spectacular gas flame Dragon effects (which can produce a powerful flame up to 50 ft high) were also featured at the Wembley gig.











New Years Eve Ministry Of Sound

New Years Eve Ministry Of Sound

A huge New Year’s Eve party filled the Millennium Dome to see in 2003, courtesy of the Ministry of Sound. Le Maitre provided spectacular pyrotechnics and special effects for each of the 3 stages on the countdown to midnight. The displays took 4 pyrotechnicians and 3 days to rig, but just minutes to fire.

The main stage saw the biggest event with a 30 second Waterfall effect ignited at midnight at the back of the stage whilst hits of Flames, 1×25 Stage Gerbs, Comets and 50ft Stage Mines. 2 Venturi Cannons covered the audience in White Chinese Confetti.

On the smaller Smooth and World Dance stages 20ft Stage Mines in Red and Green were used with 10×12 Gerbs and Red and Green Flames.


James Bond Premiere

James Bond Premiere

Special effects and pyrotechnics experts Le Maitre was at the star studded Royal Premiere of the new James Bond movie “Die Another Day” which took place at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday 18th November.

A dramatic chase of 1 x 35 Stage Gerbs down the 150 metre red carpet outside the Royal Albert Hall signalled the arrival of the film’s star Pierce Brosnan to the awaiting crowds.





Harrods Christmas Fireworks

Harrods Christmas Fireworks

Le Maitre staged a spectacular pyrotechnics display from the roof of Harrods to mark the switching on of the store’s Christmas Lights on 3 November.

The event coincided with a proposed 48-hour nationwide fire strike planned to start on November 2. To address the issue, Le Maitre’s events director Karen Haddon employed private fire crews to cover the event and arranged for Harrods’ own fire officers to be stationed on the roof itself. In the event, the strike was called off at the last minute, but these arrangements were kept in place for added security.

The display, designed by Le Maitre’s Mark Thomas, ran for just under 15 minutes and was choreographed to the James Bond theme tune. The show was fired by the Pyrodigital controller (the same system that fired the Eiffel Tower and Sydney Harbour Bridge Millennium displays).

Beginning with chase sequences of stage pyro across the front of the roof, using flames, gerbs and candles, it then progressed to large-scale fireworks including mines, comets and a dramatic finale of multi-shot cakes and 3″ shells.

Mark Thomas explained that the main difficulty of designing a show like this is the location of the building. Harrods is a very famous London landmark, and as the department store is in Knightsbridge it is surrounded on all sides by public roads. This meant that the effects could not drop any debris because of the crowds below. Le Maitre’s safety officer recommended that only low calibre material was used in the design and that it had to be sited well back from the front of the building.

Planning and preparations for the display took many weeks, including an entire week for a team of tehcnicians to fuse and waterproof every single effect. Safety regulations meant that the fireworks could only be brought onto the roof of the building on the day of the display, which meant a battle against the clock for Mark and his team of pyrotechnicians.

After all the extensive preparations and after all the difficulties had been overcome, the show was a huge success. It drew crowds from all over London to marvel at the fantastic effects lighting up the sky for many miles around, and which for many marks the start of the festive season.

If you want to know more about the show please contact us.